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Operation Blue Elf
The Blue Elves are working hard to ensure every child that gets registered is accounted for. We need your help by confirming that YOU AND YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN are available to attend the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Operation Blue Elf  Bikes & Badges event on December 9th. 

Our Blue Elves will be extremely busy trying to serve all 500 children in the short time we have, so each time slot will be limited so you will not have to wait in line too long.

It is very important to us that you bring your children.  Our Blue Elves have put a lot of work and effort into not only making this a successful bike drive, but also in planning a Winter Wonderland for your child to enjoy.  We will have fun things for your children to do, and also you will have a Deputy dedicated to your family to escort you through the event and let you explore the various police vehicles and fun things abound!

We need you to be aware that Santa’s sleigh is not available to transport the bikes, and we need you to have transportation that can accommodate hauling a bicycle for each of your children. By confirming, you understand that no special circumstances or workarounds are available to help get the bikes to your residence, and we will not be able to accommodate pick up times/dates outside of the event.

Operation Blue Elf is a private event by invitation only.  If your child was not nominated, we will not be able to allow entry into the event or give any toys/bicycles.
The Blue Elves can’t wait to see you and your child(ren)!
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